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Welcome to the future of technology, HR, and innovation! These events are not ordinary ones, but the place to be if you want to be ahead of the curve. We offer a variety of events aimed at anyone interested in what we do, whether they are organized by us or simply a place to meet us.

They are designed to bring together the brightest minds in technology, HR and innovation, and provide a platform for individuals and organizations to network, share knowledge and grow their businesses. From industry leaders to emerging entrepreneurs, these events offer valuable insights, actionable strategies and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Do not miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of the next big thing. Register now and join us on this exciting journey!

Meet us!
20.06.2024 – 21.06.2024 HR Management Congress 2024 We are super excited to be hosting a session with our partner FEEDBACKPEOPLE at this year’s HR Management Congress. Florian and Nicole will talk about toxic managers and how companies recognize them before they hire or promote them. HR Management Congress 2024
26.06.2024 – 27.06.2024 Nexus2050 Nexus2050, the new annual tech event, presents three days of discovery, inspiration, and learning, as well as opportunities for encounters, networking, and matchmaking. Nexus2050 is an international hub for stakeholders combining … Nexus2050