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Connect with ai
06.03.2024 – 07.03.2024 Connect with AI The House of Entrepreneurship, is organizing the Entrepreneurs’ Days in March with the title : “Connect with AI: L’intelligence artificielle au service des entrepreneurs”. The 6&7th March will be organized several workshops and conferences during the day in their locals. Connect with AI
14.03.2024 HR LUX Trade Fair Are you ready for a deep dive into the dynamic world of human resources? We’re excited to be part of the upcoming HR LUX Trade Fair, where industry professionals come together to explore the latest trends, challenges and solutions in HR management. HR LUX Trade Fair
06.05.2024 – 13.05.2024 The LPEA Academy 2024 This exclusive training, offered in collaboration with Zortify and LPEA Academy, is a unique blend of self-awareness and leadership skills development, designed to elevate your management and leadership capabilities. The LPEA Academy 2024