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Why Zortify?

Join Zortify, the innovative and promising Deep Tech company from Luxembourg, where cutting-edge technology meets a unique team. We are a group of open-minded and highly professional individuals who are dedicated to developing understandable AI-based solutions that challenge the status quo.

At Zortify, we believe that diversity is the key to a flourishing company culture, where every team member’s unique personality contributes to groudbreaking solutions. We are committed to maintaining an inclusive environment that practices psychological safety, making Zortify the perfect place for data scientists, psychologists, and other professionals looking to thrive in an exciting Start-up environment.

Zortify Team


Having many different languages in a company is an asset as it facilitates effective communication and understanding between employees, clients, and partners who speak different languages. It also create a more inclusive work environment where employees feel valued for their language skills and cultural backgrounds.



Having multiple nationalities within a company can bring a diverse range of perspectives, ideas, and experiences to the table. This can lead to increased creativity, innovation, and problem-solving capabilities, as individuals with different backgrounds can approach challenges in unique ways



PhDs bring advanced knowledge and skills to a company’s research efforts, including the ability to conduct original research, analyze complex data, and develop innovative solutions. They also often have specialized knowledge in a particular field, which can be invaluable for a company’s R&D efforts.

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