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Boosting HR with AI-based Employee Diagnostics.

The success of a company stands and falls with the decision to put the right employees in the right roles at the right time. With our AI-based diagnostics, we give HR a powerful tool to make the best decision – data-driven, scientifically sound, visually engaging and easy to communicate.

But first: Skills. Personality.

In a rapidly changing world, the skills needed are subject to constant change. What matters is how people tick in order to choose them for positions and development steps. 

With the help of AI-supported employee diagnostics, you can open up a whole new world of employee insights.

Conventional assessments and personality tests are expensive and useless due to desired answers. This is where AI comes in. State-of-the art employee diagnostics show you what you really want to know about (future) employees. Find out who is worth investing in!

Prof. Dr. Florian Feltes

“We are convinced that by fostering a deep understanding of employees’ personalities and mindset, HR experts can make better decisions, enabling companies to go above and beyond their current level of productivity and happiness.”

Prof. Dr. Florian Feltes CEO and Co-founder of Zortify
Dr. Marcus Heidbrink

“For us, it’s all about people and their journey within an appreciative corporate culture. That’s what we call Human Experience Management.”

Dr. Marcus Heidbrink Co-founder Zortify

Information beyond the visible

Zortify’s AI measures personality traits and states that predict success in the workplace, using Natural language Processing.

The benefits of AI-based personality analysis:

👍 It is done indirectly with natural language analysis.
👍 It is fair.
👍 It is not biased.
👍 It is much more cost-effective than traditional assessments.

We analyze vast amounts of employee & experience data at scale, extracting valuable insights to

– optimize selection decisions
– individualize development programs
– foster instant high performance teaming
– facilitate constructive feedback, 
– and shape a positive organizational culture

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Our Recruitment & Retention Tools
Find the right people with the right mindset for the right position ZortifySelect facilitates people-related business decisions, improving employee selection, onboarding, and succession planning. Find the right people with the right mindset for the right position
Develop your talents and executives ZortifyGrow improves talent and leadership development, succession planning, and retention through targeted development. Develop your talents and executives
Build High-Performance-Teams ZortifyTEAM creates common ground, fosters psychological safety and team trust through open communication, and utilizes resources intelligently based on potential and natural abilities. Build High-Performance-Teams
Develop your leadership culture ZortifyLeader fosters a culture of constructive feedback and transparent dialogue, while promoting self-confidence, self-awareness, and personal development for leaders. Develop your leadership culture
Measure and shape your corporate culture ZortifyCulture aligns organizations towards a joint direction, eliminating bottlenecks such as silos, politics, spotty performance, and unclear priorities. Measure and shape your corporate culture

Use Cases

Mistubishi x Zortify


Zortify partnered with Mitsubishi Electric’s CNC division to help them undergo a successful digital transformation. Through the use of our powerful tools, the division was able to increase efficiency by more than 25% and establish an open feedback culture. This collaboration led to mindfulness, self-responsibility, and personal development for the managers and employees.

Thalia Buch & Media GMBH

Thalia Buch & Media GmbH works together with Zortify. With the personality analysis tool ZortifyGROW and flexible, location-independent coaching, Thalia was able to help new managers learn the ropes and develop their entrepreneurial thinking and actions.

HR meets AI – Our Blog

27.03.2024 HR should focus far more on personalities! Personality first – this is one of the most important trends in dealing with talent. Why? The so-called “hard” skills that companies need are changing faster than ever before. Today’s expert skills will be yesterday’s news tomorrow. What remains are the supposedly “soft” skills and people’s personalities. The better companies know their employees, the better they can… HR should focus far more on personalities!
The measurement of GenZ: Lost in translation is so 2003
14.03.2024 Measuring the GenZ: Lost in translation is so 2003 “Too leisure-oriented? – We’re just hard-working in a different way.” was the headline of the brandeins magazine in September 2020, using many examples to draw a picture of a Generation Z that is changing the world of work practically “on the job”. The new generation of employees is neither lazy nor inherently less well educated than previous generations, , even if they are repeatedly accused of being so. Measuring the GenZ: Lost in translation is so 2003
11.04.2024 Recruit the curious! “We run this company on questions, not answers.” This sentence comes from Eric Schmidt, Google’s former CEO. It makes it clear which characteristic the company values most in new employees: Curiosity. The recruiting strategy is correspondingly consistent: when the company was looking for engineers, it published a huge billboard with a riddle. Recruit the curious!

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About Zortify 

Zortify is recognized as one of Luxembourg’s most innovative and promising HR Tech companies.​ Founded in 2018, we are driven by a passion for revolutionizing HR decision-making through AI based diagnostics. ​With expertise in Data Science, Natural Language Processing, and Psychology, we help organizations make informed, effective decisions that drive the professional development, productivity and happiness of their employees.