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Why zortifyTEAM?

Addressing HR’s Biggest Challenges

The formation of new teams, especially those spread across various locations, brings with it a host of challenges that can hinder effective collaboration. A report by Harvard Business Review highlights common issues such as time zone discrepancies, language barriers, and cultural differences, all of which can obstruct communication and mutual understanding.

Unclear roles and responsibilities can also create confusion, frustration, and potentially result in tasks being neglected or left incomplete. The Project Management Institute found in a survey that 37% of projects fail due to a lack of clear objectives and goals.

Additionally, varying expectations and work approaches among team members can lead to tension and conflict, impeding the achievement of team goals. The International Journal of Project Management cites differing expectations as one of the top five reasons for project failure in a study.

Lastly, insufficient communication within a team can cause misunderstandings, missed deadlines, and subpar work quality. A study by leadership consultancy Fierce, Inc. reveals that 86% of employees and executives believe lack of collaboration or ineffective communication is a primary cause of workplace failures.

In essence, global teams collaborating for a short duration face numerous challenges, ranging from time zone and cultural differences to unclear objectives and poor communication, all of which can lead to project delays or failure.

Our solution

When selecting tools to enhance organizational productivity and team performance, understanding what differentiates each option is crucial. TEAM stands out due to its flexibility, focus on preferences, and unique application to workplace scenarios.

TEAM simplifies work into six fundamental roles, enabling individuals to quickly identify their optimal work conditions and apply these insights directly to their tasks.

Additionally, TEAM distinguishes itself as the sole tool designed specifically for workplace application, going beyond personal insights to foster effective team collaboration. It achieves this through a focus on preferences, psychological safety, and current team dynamics.

In summary, TEAM’s simplicity and unique workplace application, combined with insights from NLP, empower individuals and teams to excel and achieve high performance together.

Why choose zortifyTEAM

TEAM enables teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively, encouraging each member to contribute in their preferred manner. This fosters psychological safety, enhances speed, prevents stagnation, and inspires individual growth, collectively driving higher organizational performance.

TEAM is a revolutionary tool that transforms talent contribution and team building, serving as a crucial resource for individual learning and development. The assessment results highlight strengths and areas for development, aiding employees, leaders, and coaches in guiding personal development initiatives such as coaching and skills training. Thus, TEAM proves invaluable at all levels of human experience management.

Our product uniquely facilitates effective collaboration in diverse teams by leveraging individual working styles. Unlike other one-size-fits-all solutions, we offer customized strategies and tools to help teams reach their full potential while embracing their unique strengths and preferences.

TEAM stands as a flexible, personalized alternative to other solutions, offering unparalleled effectiveness in team collaboration and performance.

How it works

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