Mitsubishi X Zortify

Digital Transformation with the help of NLP

25% efficiency increase within the CNC Division

Industry: Electrical Engineering
Product: ZortifyGrow, ZortifyLeader and ZortifyTeam

The Challenge

In a world of work which is in a constant state of change it is essential to fill the digital transformation with life and to use it as a catalyst for potential. In this way, efficiency, flexibility, and productivity can be permanently increased. The challenge for a successful digital transformation within change management is based on the inclusion of all employees.

The goal of the cooperation between Mitsubishi Electric’s CNC division and Zortify was to define, expand and sustainably strengthen the team culture.

The Solution

1. Management is key with ZortifyCoaching
To prepare for the cultural change in the CNC division, targeted coaching was provided to managers as the first step. The main focus of the transformation was to establish a leadership team, develop an open feedback culture, and promote cross-team collaboration. Additionally, the division aimed to establish bottom-up feedback and value stream thinking to create a more collaborative work environment.

2. Shared growth with ZortifyLeader
Zortify facilitated leadership feedback by providing a platform for leaders to assess themselves and receive feedback from their team members. The tool effectively highlights the differences between self-assessment and the assessment by others, creating a basis for an overall exchange between managers and team members. Following the assessment, team workshops, conflict moderation, mediation, and other interventions were determined based on the results.

3. Room for personal development with ZortifyGrow
The personality analysis conducted by Zortify enabled the capture and evaluation of underlying basic personality traits that are essential for professional success. Along with this, Zortify measured characteristics that play a supportive role in the culture change within the company. This information about a person’s agility and entrepreneurial capital formed the foundation for personal development within an appreciative environment.

4. Efficiency and preference with ZortifyiHPT
Zortify’s third tool in the CNC Division was the Team Role Analysis. It was essential to not only seek out the required profile within one’s own team but also to collaborate across teams to form efficient teams quickly and dissolve them after completion. The analysis helped to determine the preferred performance contribution of each team member, highlighting their strengths, potential, and shortcomings within the team. Based on this, they identified the team’s central role in the project and the appropriate timing for each member.

Roman Gaida

“With the help of Zortify I was particularly impressed by the measurable efficiency gains. Through cross-hierarchical and cross-functional collaboration, we were able to increase our efficiency as a division by more than 25 percent.

More agility and the increased value chain orientation across departmental boundaries have contributed significantly to this.

A jointly supported open error and feedback culture has enabled impressive innovations. Therefore, I am very excited about the future and more milestones we will achieve as a team!”

Roman Gaida Head of Division EMEA @Mitsubishi Electric

The Results

In the first cycle of collaboration between Zortify and Mitsubishi Electric, the managers witnessed significant changes as a result of the interventions. The establishment of an open error and feedback culture fostered a progressive and appreciative environment for collaboration. This led to increased mindfulness and self-responsibility among team members. The team developed guiding principles for daily cooperation and implemented them successfully from the outset. Additionally, the managers experienced personal development through this process.

Moving forward, the Mitsubishi Electric Europe Division CNC is committed to sustainable transformation and reflection processes under the guiding principle “ONE CNC – CHANGE IT OR LEAVE IT.”

About Mitsubishi Electric Europe Division CNC

Mitsubishi Electric with its German headquarter in Rating is one of the world’s leading companies in the manufacture and sale of electrical and electronic products and systems. The company is one of the most renowned manufacturers of modern computer-aided control technology. For the past four years, the CNC division has set itself the goal of driving forward the digital transformation.

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The Solution: The integration of ZortifySelect in the recruitment process: ZortifySelect measures exactly the personality traits needed and enriches the selection process significantly. ZortifySelect is condensed & precise, pointing out potential fields for development, Crafts Unfolded's HR department should consider. The combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Self-Assessment gives people the opportunity to answer in their own words, which reduces social desirability. ZortifySelect does not exclude people in the process. It is a valuable add-on to display the full range of personality traits and potential roles the applicant can contribute to the successful Crafts Unfolded team. ZortifySelect helps to detect people with potential to become future leaders, even in an early stage of the recruitment process.

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