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Zortify Story

The story behind zortify is closely linked to the professional rise of a woman. Let’s call her “Lena”. It is 2023. Lena has been Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at a listed public company for two years. Back in 2021 she almost didn’t get the job. What happened?

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About zortify

Zortify is a HR Tech company from Luxembourg, which is revolutionizing HR work in companies with AI based employee diagnostics. Their mission: to open up a whole new world of employee insights for HR professionals with the help of AI.

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About the founders

From neighbors to project partners to founders of one of Luxembourg’s most innovative and award-winning start-ups: Introducing Dr. Florian Feltes and Dr. Marcus Heidbrink.

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Zortify in the media

Its innovative technology and the unique combination of hands-on start-up and certified research institute has brought Zortify a lot of attention in the international media landscape.

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