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For today’s talents, personalized development opportunities are a key factor in deciding for a new job or to grow in their current position. Organisations run the risk of being unattractive to new talent, on the one hand, or losing existing talent, on the other by just using one-fits-all training. Current training and development solutions focus primarily on increasing productivity and too little on individual needs such as personal growth of employees. This lack of individualisation lowers job satisfaction, discourages talent, and thereby mitigates their overall productivity.

But traditional personality assessments used to develop people measure only one theoretical model, such as the Big 5 factor model – without taking any other personality models into consideration.


Specifically created with the aim of facilitating and enhancing people-related business decisions, Zortify Grow is the ideal tool to help organizations improve and strengthen their talent and leadership development, succession planning, and talent retention and management processes by targeted development. The AI-based assessment Zortify Grow can be easily integrated into your existing processes, is fully digital and in addition, combined with a tailored development process.

By fully utilizing the potential of employees, productivity and motivation will increase. Furthermore, it provides self-reflection with detailed explanation of the different psychological traits. We recommend to combine Zortify Grow with a de-briefing followed by coaching sessions on the potential fields of development.

Unique selling proposition

Zortify Grow is an essential resource for individual learning and development since the results of the assessment highlight individual strengths and potential development areas. Employees, leaders, and coaches can utilize the assessment results to guide and enhance personal development initiatives, such as professional coaching and skills development courses.

This AI-based assessment tool serves as a valuable asset for any organization, providing benefits at all levels of human experience management. Zortify Grow has been specifically designed to measure personality traits and states that predict success in the workplace, using a unique combination of the Big Five personality traits model, the Entrepreneurial Capital personality states model, and the Counterproductive behavioral tendencies model.

The assessment utilizes a unique combination of quantitative close-ended survey questions and qualitative open-ended questions to measure both stable personality traits and more malleable personality states. Additionally, Zortify Grow offers customizable reports for professional development.

Zortify Grow has been developed exclusively in Luxembourg for Europe and is based on thousands of adults in Europe. The assessment features non-invasive or intrusive questionnaire items, and its easy and time-efficient online administration allows for instant scoring and report generation.

The test items and reports are available in English, German, and French. Through a process of continued research and development, Zortify Grow possesses these unique features, making it an invaluable tool for personal and organizational growth.

How it works

How it works - ZortifyGrow

About the Journey

ZortifyGrow is only available online. It is available via the Zortify Analysis Dashboard and accessibility to the Analysis Dashboard is managed by Zortify’s Sales Team. The Analysis Dashboard is an online administration platform for Zortify’s customers to generate assessment links independently and share them with participants. Individual user accounts can be set up by the Sales Team, so that customers can easily manage their assessments and download candidate reports straight after the completion of an assessment. For more information on Analysis Dashboard and to set up your account please contact the Zortify Sales Team (hello@zortify.com).

Prior to starting the assessment, candidates should ensure that adequate internet connectivity is available. Each participant receives a link to the online assessment by an email address they provided. The online assessment begins when participants click the provided link. The link can only be accessed one time to ensure data anonymity. The assessment begins with an informative video on how to complete the personality assessment. Next, participants are asked to complete the biographical section by providing their name, surname, year of birth, gender, nationality, and first language. These details are necessary to determine which norm and/or reference groups will be used. Subsequently, participants answer the self-assessment personality item questions followed by the six open-text questions. The assessment takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, however there is no time pressure to complete the assessment within a certain time frame.

At the end of the assessment, an announcement states that the results of the analysis will be available within a short amount of time (usually 24 hours). The results of the Zortify personality assessment are usually explained in a separate debriefing session between the participant and a Zortify certified coach or psychologist.

Stop losing your top talents & executives to competitors
Don’t lose your top talents & executives to competitors by relying on outdated one-size-fits-all training programs. Zortify Grow is an AI personnel development tool that identifies individual strengths and development areas, providing tailored coaching and skills development courses to enhance personal and organizational growth. That’s why ZortifyGrow is the essential resource for talent and leadership development in any organization. Call us today to learn more.
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