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Intelligent human decision-making: From Luxembourg to Europe. We strive for better decision-making based on artificial intelligence.

Zortify is Luxembourg-based NLP company at the forefront of usable and explainable AI, and human experience.

Our Zortify products are based on the latest applied research and practical expertise in Data & Computer Science, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Visualization, Psychology, and People Analytics to push decision-making to the next level.

Zortify’s NLP solutions, which rely on domain-specific approaches and ease of implementation, have made active listening scalable for organizations across Europe. The technology allows individuals to express themselves and be understood in their own words, from personnel selection and customer/employee feedback, to the analysis of whole organizations and their culture.


Diversity is no longer a nice-to-have; it is essential for a flourishing corporate culture. We walk the talk in our team, and enable our clients to do the same by using our solutions. Artificial Intelligence can help companies recruit, retain and train a diverse workforce. This involves the use of non-biased algorithms that aim for equal opportunities and disregard aspects such as gender, age and origin.


We want people to trust technology. Openness towards innovation, technology solutions, and transformation is required in our fast changing environment. But new technologies have to be evaluated and implemented in a responsible way, because responsible development and application of Artificial Intelligence is the key for a more sustainable future.

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Zortify Team

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Dr. Marcus Heidbrink

Dr. Marcus Heidbrink, co-founder of Zortify, is a German organizational psychologist and entrepreneur. For many years, he was a lecturer in social skills, communication and leadership at the Executive School of the University of St. Gallen as well as at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Cologne and RWTH Aachen. With extensive experience in leadership development and organizational consulting, Dr. Heidbrink is also a researcher and coach for high-performance teams in a wide range of industries.

Dr. Marcus Heidbrink

Prof. Dr. Florian Feltes

Florian Feltes, CEO & Co-founder of Zortify, is a Professor of Digital Leadership and HR at the XU Exponential University in Potsdam, an author, and a speaker with focus on leadership, organizational culture & development, transformation, AI for HR, innovation, and disruption. In his research and teaching, he focuses on New Work and success factors of start-up and innovation teams. He is the author of the book “Revolution? Yes, please! When Old-School Leadership Meets New-Work Leadership”.

Prof. Dr. Florian Feltes
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22.09.2023 Celebrating a Milestone in Language Innovation with SnT We’re pleased to announce an achievement in the world of language innovation. Isabella Olariu, one of our brilliant colleagues, recently embarked on a trip to Germany, Ingolstadt to be precise, to present a short paper at the KONVENS conference. The paper, titled “Evaluating Data Augmentation Techniques for the Training of Luxembourgish Language Models”,” is a testament to the incredible work she has done in collaboration with SnT, Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust. Celebrating a Milestone in Language Innovation with SnT
21.09.2023 Bits & Pretzels here we come Did you know that 70-90% of startups fail, mainly because the founders’ personalities don’t match, role allocation is unclear, leadership is poor, and HR management is shaky? Surely you have heard, read or experienced this before? To minimise this risk, startups should invest in their employees first, starting with an efficient recruitement process. And VCs or investors might look at the personality traits of potential founders first, rather than just the bare numbers, before investing. Bits & Pretzels here we come
13.09.2023 Donnerstalk Event Herzlich willkommen beim “Demystifying AI in HR: Unveiling the Future of Human Experience Management” Event! Bist du bereit für eine aufregende und transformative Reise in die faszinierende Welt der Human Resources, Künstlichen Intelligenz und der Zukunft der Arbeit? In einer sich rasend schnell entwickelnden Umgebung, in der Technologie und Human Experience miteinander verschmelzen, ist es für Unternehmen keine potentielle Chance mehr, sondern eine… Donnerstalk Event
07.09.2023 Join us at the Ada Lovelace Festival 2023 We’re excited to announce our partnership with the Ada Lovelace Festival 2023, taking place on September 14and 15 in the vibrant city of Berlin! Join us for this groundbreaking event where we’ll dive deep into the future of human understanding. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Florian Feltes, will deliver a compelling keynote: “Cracking the Code of Human Understanding: An Interactive Exploration” Join us at the Ada Lovelace Festival 2023

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