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Hi, we are Zortify! We help companies to find out what they really need to know about (future) employees: Their personality. Because today’s skills will be yesterday’s news tomorrow. However, those who have the right characters in the company remain agile. We help companies to constantly adapt to a changing environment. Our AI-based employee diagnostics open up a whole new world of employee insights for companies. And with it, the ability to fill positions with the right personalities and support employees in their further development in a more targeted manner. And it prevents assholes from taking the lead.  

We are a diverse team of 25 colleagues. Our base is in Luxembourg. But many of our colleagues work all over the world. We practice what we preach: With the right personalities on board, we can take collaboration to a new level. Our founders, Dr. Marcus Heidbrink and Prof. Dr. Florian Feltes, test what makes good leadership every day and keep our diverse team together.

Our clients include well-known companies such as Mitsubishi, Thalia and Salonkee. 
They use our innovative technology in recruiting, for customized onboarding, to tailor their learning & development, to improve their teamwork and/or to shape their culture.

It is extremely important to us to develop AI in line with ethical guidelines and to use it to change the (working) world for the better. We want to make technology explainable. That’s why we invest in AI research and integrate it into our products. Zortify is not only one of the most innovative start-ups in Luxembourg, but also a certified research institution. 

Zortify Team

The founders

Dr. Marcus Heidbrink

Dr. Marcus Heidbrink, co-founder of Zortify, is a German organizational psychologist and entrepreneur. For many years, he was a lecturer in social skills, communication and leadership at the Executive School of the University of St. Gallen as well as at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Cologne and RWTH Aachen. With extensive experience in leadership development and organizational consulting, Dr. Heidbrink is also a researcher and coach for high-performance teams in a wide range of industries.

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Dr. Marcus Heidbrink

Prof. Dr. Florian Feltes

Prof. Dr. Florian Feltes once wanted to become a teacher, but ended up in HR and leadership development and became a professor completely unplanned. His enthusiasm for HR, technology and research, for which he has received several awards, was the perfect breeding ground for founding Zortify. In addition to his work as CEO, Florian is Professor of Digital Leadership and HR at the XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam. In his research and teaching, he focuses on New Work, the success factors of leadership and what makes innovation teams thrive. He also wrote a book about it called “Revolution? Yes, please! When Old-School Leadership Meets New-Work Leadership”.

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Prof. Dr. Florian Feltes

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