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Why zortifyCULTURE?

Addressing HR’s Biggest Challenges

Assessing company culture solely through quantitative measures fails to capture all facets of an organization’s culture. While closed questions can provide indicative data, deriving actionable measures from the responses is challenging. Employees’ genuine perceptions and viewpoints often remain hidden, as there is no opportunity to look beyond the predefined queries.

In today’s environment, where many companies face skill shortages, it is crucial to enhance employee engagement and the overall Human Experience at the workplace. This, in turn, fosters long-term employee loyalty to the company.

While it is widely acknowledged that increased employee engagement and a positive work experience correlate with business success, customer satisfaction, and low turnover rates, current research indicates that a majority of employees show low or no engagement with their employers. This disengagement results in reduced accountability, motivation, and overall productivity, posing a threat to the future prosperity of businesses.

Employee engagement depends on various dimensions. Studies have shown that open communication is a critical indicator of a high employee engagement. On the other hand, enhancing the Human Experience needs a shift in mindset towards a more people-centric approach, placing individuals at the heart of their workplaces and, by extension, the entire organization. Contemporary research reveals a growing desire among employees for a sense of connection and community at work, alongside a wish to be recognized as individuals rather than mere numbers.

Our Solution

ZortifyCULTURE empowers forward-thinking organizations to provide their employees with a meaningful platform for voicing their opinions and sharing feedback freely. This input enables companies to deepdive into their workforce’s concerns and perceptions, identifying actionable points of difference. The ability to express oneself openly, combined with the acknowledgement of feedback and actions taken, enables companies to enhance the Human Experience, fostering a stronger connection between employees and the company.

ZortifyCULTURE serves as a developmental framework applicable to entire organizations or specific teams, with AI-generated reports tailored to an organization’s unique needs. In collaboration with a Zortify Coach, who supports the implementation of the recommended measures, we strive to ensure that employees feel heard, valued, and a sense of belonging, ultimately contributing to the organization’s development.

Why choose zortifyCULTURE?

ZortifyCULTURE functions as a comprehensive developmental framework for entire organizations or specific teams, fostering a unified and efficient working environment. 

By using open-ended text questions analyzed via Natural Language Processing, ZortifyCulture promotes active listening, fostering a deeper comprehension of employee experiences and sentiments. This approach is crucial for addressing concerns and enhancing workplace satisfaction and productivity.

Additionally, ZortifyCULTURE provides an overview of automatically generated thematic clusters, highlighting issues of importance to employees and guiding targeted improvement efforts.

Zortify offers guidance throughout the entire cultural journey—from initial setup to discussing results and identifying action points. Companies can determine the survey frequency, choosing between annual assessments or more frequent pulse checks, ensuring optimal outcomes for each organization. Also additional HR/KPI data can be included in the report to ensure the solution is perfectly aligned with the organization’s needs.

How it works

How it works - ZortifyCulture
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