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Evaluating Culture purely by using quantitative measures doesn’t capture all elements of the Culture of a company. Closed questions serve as indicators, but it is difficult to derive targeted measures from the answers. The real perceptions and standpoints of the employees often remain hidden since there is no possibility to go beyond the predefined items.

In a world where companies face shortage of skills more and more, it became crucial to increase employee engagement and the Human Experience, people have at their workplaces and thus bind employees to the company long-term.

Even though it is common knowledge in the business world that increasing employee engagement and the experience one has at work, correlates positively with overall business success, positive customer experience and low fluctuation rates, current research shows, that the majority of employees show no or low levels of engagement to their employers. Disengagement in the workforce reveals itself in less responsibility that is taken on by the employees, less ownership and motivation and with that decreased productivity overall which serves as a threat to the future success of companies.

Employee engagement is dependent on different dimensions: Research has shown that open communication is in fact one of the indicators to increased employee engagement. Human Experience on the other hand can be fostered through a change of mindset regarding work itself. From a resource-oriented view to a human-oriented view, where the individual(s) are the center of their workplaces and thus the whole company. Recent studies found that people increasingly crave connection and a feeling of community at work, wish to be treated as an individual and not a number amongst others.


Using ZortifyCulture, forward thinking organizations can give employees a relevant voice and an open space to provide every type of feedback coming to mind. Using that feedback enables companies to dive deeper into the concerns and perceptions of its workforce and can help with understanding, what points of action will really make a difference. The opportunity to freely speak one’s mind and experiencing the recognition of one’s feedback and the actions taken from it, will enable companies to shape their Human Experience to the better, providing its employees with a direct connection to the company.

ZortifyCulture can be applied as a framework for development of a whole company or certain teams. The AI-based report may be individualized exactly to the specific needs of an organization. In collaboration with a Zortify Coach who supports the implementation of the measures, we help to give employees a voice, feel heard and appreciated in their workplaces and develop a feeling of belonging, by enabling them to shape its development.

Unique selling proposition

ZortifyCulture is a tool that provides deep insights into the unique culture of a company. Combining a classical questionnaire featuring closed items and open-ended text questions that are analyzed using Natural Language Processing, Culture focusses both, on a corporate view and the individual perceptions of its employees.

With this approach, ZortifyCulture can go beyond the results of a classical questionnaire and unlock the exact topics, that are of great concern to the employees. Using those results as a framework for development of organizations, companies can give a relevant voice to their employees and therefore not only increase employee engagement and their experience on the job, but overall work satisfaction.


By implementing ZortifyCulture, companies can gain numerous benefits. Firstly, it can be utilized as a comprehensive framework for the development of an entire organization or specific teams. This makes it an efficient and effective tool for creating a cohesive and productive work environment.

Additionally, ZortifyCulture provides customized reports that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each company. This means that additional HR/KPI data can be included in the report, ensuring that the solution provided is perfectly adapted to the needs of the organization.

Furthermore, ZortifyCulture helps promote active listening through the use of open-ended text questions that are analyzed using Natural Language Processing. This allows for a deeper understanding of employee experiences and sentiments, which can aid in addressing any concerns and improving overall workplace satisfaction.

Moreover, ZortifyCulture provides an overview of automatically generated clusters that differentiate between topics that are relevant to the employees. This helps to identify key areas that require attention and facilitates targeted action towards improving those areas.

Zortify also offers facilitation throughout the entire Culture journey, from setting it up to discussing the results and deriving points of action. The rhythm of the survey can be determined together, whether it’s yearly or pulse checks, to guarantee the best results for every company.

Finally, Culture measurement helps organizations support a scientific experience in organizational development. By using data to guide decision-making, companies can implement effective changes that improve employee engagement, productivity, and overall success

How it works

How it works- ZortifyCulture
Looking to improve your company’s culture and employee engagement?
Look no further than Zortify Culture. Our innovative tool uses NLP to unlock the exact concerns and perceptions of your workforce, providing deep insights and a relevant voice to every employee. With Zortify Culture, you can shape your Human Experience to the better, increasing engagement, work satisfaction, and ultimately, your company’s success. Contact us to learn more and start your Culture journey!
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