People Due Diligence

Are you really aware of the people in the companies you invest in?

Understanding the core of your investment as you delve into the numbers and strategies, it’s also crucial to ask: Do you truly know the people behind the companies you invest in? At Zortify, we believe that the real power of your investment lies not just in the figures but in the human potential driving those numbers. Our People Due Diligence process is designed to uncover the depths of team dynamics, leadership qualities, and organizational culture that define your potential investments. Our Comprehensive Portfolio Company Analysis Framework leverages Zortify’s advanced assessment tools and expertise in Human Experience Management to provide you with a structured, insightful approach to evaluating the people in your portfolio companies. This method is not merely about risk mitigation—it’s a proactive strategy to amplify the inherent strengths of the people in your teams and align them with your investment goals for sustained success and profitability.

Step 1 – Initial Due Diligence, Team Quality Assessment​

ZortifySELECT framework. Beyond the CV and more efficient than executive search services. 

ZortifySELECT provides an in-depth analysis of the executive teams’ qualities before you invest. This foundational step is your assurance that the team’s integrity and capabilities align with the potential success of your investment.

It is not just about mitigating risks; it’s about leveraging human potential to its fullest as we also look at entrepreneurial capital. Zortify measure what truly matters for organisational success.

Step 2 – Executive Team Performance Enhancement​

ZortifySELECT and GROW process

Investment success is closely tied to executive performance. Our SELECT and GROW processes enhance team dynamics, propelling your portfolio companies to new heights of success with expert workshops and coaching.

Once invested, regular health checks are as vital as ongoing due diligence. Our performance enhancement solutions maintain the vigour and efficiency of the teams, ensuring that the company not only maintains but also elevates its competitive edge.

Step 3 – Cultural and Leadership Assessment

ZortifyCULTURE assessment

A company’s culture is its DNA. Our ZortifyCULTURE assessment maps out the collaborative and leadership ethos, creating a roadmap for cultivating a high-performance culture that aligns with your investment vision. 

In tandem with performance enhancement, understanding the cultural fabric of the company is indispensable. Our cultural assessments tools give you insight needed to foster a high-performance culture, pivotal for the company’s growth trajectory. 

Step 4 – Performance Data and Pattern Analysis​

ZortifySELECT and ZortifyCULTURE for Portfolio-wide analysis (following step 1+3) 

With Zortify’s advanced data analysis, identify patterns and performance indicators across your portfolio. This data-centric approach ensures you are not juts investing in companies. But in future-proof success stories. 

With our comprehensive data analysis, we offer you a helicopter view of your entire protofolio, enabling you to discern patterns and performance indicators that are hallmarks of successful investments. 

Each company is one data point, n ≥ 30

Step 5 – Succession Planning and Future Success​

Zortify SELECT/GROW to assure integrity and alignment with team

The future is just as important as the present. Our Zortify SELECT/GROW processes assure seamless transitions, aligning potential leaders with the company’s vision and culture, securing long-term prosperity.

Finally, we ensure the longevity and sustained success of your investments. With Zortify SELECT/GROW, we help you seamlessly integrate potential successors, safeguarding the future of your portfolio companies.

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