What is Entrepreneurial Capital that we measure at Zortify?

Entrepreneurial Capital

Entrepreneurial capital is like a secret weapon for business people, whether you are an entrepreneur, corporate employee or leader – you want to score high in entrepreneurial capital. It’s made up of certain mental powers that help you do well in your work and handle challenges bravely. It’s not about skills or personality traits, it’s about your mindset, how you think and deal with things.

Imagine having an invisible shield that helps you stay strong during hard times and makes running your business and lead your people smoother. That’s what entrepreneurial capital does. It helps you to not give up, believe in your ability, and always expect good things to happen.

The Wonderful Things About Having Entrepreneurial Capital

When a person has lots of entrepreneurial capital, they usually feel better, do their work happily, and achieve more because they can handle stress and problems effectively.

For a whole company, when everyone has high entrepreneurial capital, it leads to good performance all around, and it even earns more money for the company. In fact, high levels of entrepreneurial capital correlates positively with employee engagement, psychological wellbeing, performance, and authentic leadership. (Same research shows that low levels correlate with everything we want to avoid in business i.e., cynicism, high staff turnover, job-stress, anxiety, workplace deviance…)

Resilience: Bouncing Forward and Growing

Imagine a tree. When a storm comes, it bends in the wind. After the storm, it doesn’t just return to its previous shape; it grows even stronger and adapts to withstand future storms better. This is what resilience in the business world is like. It’s not only about coming back to where we were after facing challenges but also bouncing forward, learning, and growing from those experiences. When life throws difficulties our way, we use them as stepping stones to become even more robust and adaptive.

Optimism: The Sun Always Follows the Rain

Optimism signifies maintaining a positive outlook and persistently expecting favourable outcomes. Just like after every spell of rain, we anticipate the sun to shine again, an optimistic mindset in entrepreneurial capital embodies believing that after challenging or difficult periods, positive and prosperous times will follow. This faith in a brighter future drives our actions and decisions, it also makes us more courageous and risk-taking.

Self-Efficacy Conviction: Steering Our Own Ship

Self-efficacy conviction is similar to having an internal locus of control, where we believe that we have the steering wheel of our career journey in our hands. Imagine being the captain of a ship. Regardless of the turbulent seas or calm waters, it’s our belief in our ability to navigate through these varying conditions that defines our self-efficacy conviction. We see that our actions, decisions, and strategies significantly influence our career journey and achievements.

Agility Mindset: Dancing Through Dynamic Shifts

Envision a dancer, seamlessly flowing with the rhythm, effortlessly adapting to every beat change. An agility mindset in entrepreneurial capital mirrors this dancer, gracefully pivoting through the erratic beats of the business world, ensuring each unexpected move becomes a choreographed step towards success. With an agility mindset you embrace change, convert challenges into new opportunities, always staying in sync with the fluctuating markets and trends.

Developing Entrepreneurial Capital: Is it Possible?

Absolutely! Cultivating entrepreneurial capital is achievable by nurturing resilience, self-efficacy conviction, optimism, and an agility mindset, thereby enabling any individual to flourish. This is perfectly done through coaching, workshops, training and even meditation and self-reflection.

In conclusion, entrepreneurial capital is like a secret tool that helps us and our teams to do well in business. By focusing on growing our resilience, self-efficacy conviction, and optimism, not only do we become better entrepreneurs, but we also make our businesses stronger and more successful.

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