Summer School Summit

31st of August

Agenda of the day

12.30 p.m.: Reception & Registration

1.30 p.m.: Welcome Words from PwC
Lieven Lambrecht, PwC

1.40 p.m.: Welcome Words from Zortify
Prof. Dr. Florian Feltes, Zortify

2.00 p.m.: Keynote – Future of Work Powered by SAP: An Innovative, Holistic Approach to Working Life
Dr. Stefanie Becker, SAP

2.45 p.m: Interactive Panel – AI and HXM: Empowering Human-Centered Workforces
Dr. Stefanie Becker from SAP, Dr. Annika Mutius from Empion,  Theresa Fesinstine from, and moderator  Prof. Dr. Florian Feltes  from Zortify

3.30 p.m.: Coffee Break

3.45 p.m.: Interactive Panel – Explainable AI in the Workplace: Building Human Trust in AI Decision
Dr. Alexis Delaforge from Zortify, Melinda Jacobs from Mindstone, Dr. Saharnaz Dilmaghani from PwC and moderator Dr. Christopher Morse, Zortify

4.30 p.m.: Experience – Short Research Presentations
Marcos Gomez, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and Thiago Brant, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER)

5.00 p.m.: Interactive sessions – Moderated Breakout Sessions: AI, NLP, XAI, UI/UX, HXM

5.30 p.m.: Break

5.45 p.m.: Short Inspirational Talks – Innovative Approaches to the Future of Work
Anna Bulakh, Respeecher and Dr. Jon Krohn,

6.15 p.m.: KeyNote – What is the Future of AI?
Dr. Serge Linckels, Digital Learning Hub

6.45 p.m.: Closing remarks
Prof. Dr. Florian Feltes, Zortify

7.00 p.m.: Networking – Discuss the Future of Work with drinks and canapés



PwC Luxembourg – Crystal Park
2 rue Gerhard Mercator L-2182 Luxembourg

Speakers, Panelists and Experts

Stefanie Becker

“Shaping the way people will work in the future – together: research and practice.

Dr. Stefanie Becker Chief Expert Strategic Workforce Planning in the Future of Work organization, SAP

“Combining innovative research with commercial application is of highest importance – especially indispensable in an industry such as Human Resources.”

Dr. Annika von Mutius Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Empion
Theresa Fesinstine

“I am honored to be featured as a keynote speaker presenting “The Future of Work is Us – Human Experience Management (HXM) for Workplace Well-Being”. In this program, I will share insights about organizational culture and the invaluable role that AI can play in fostering collaboration, innovation, and employee engagement. By embracing AI-driven insights and adopting key cultural markers, organizations can unlock their true potential, fueling innovation, growth, and establishing meaningful connections.

Theresa Fesinstine Founder,

“With Zortify’s Summer School bridging the gap between academic thought and industry innovation, it presents a wonderful opportunity for innovators like us a Mindstone to share, learn, and collectively drive the ethical evolution of workplace AI. This gathering is not just about the tech—it’s also about the people impacted by it, which really resonates with me. The future of work is right on our doorstep, and we all have a responsibility to craft it mindfully.”

Melinda Jacobs Chief Product Officer, Mindstone

“I’m happy to join the Zortify Summer School, providing a platform to exchange ideas with a network of experts and professionals. I am looking forward to engaging in profound discussions about the future of work, fostering a vision where technology and humanity harmoniously coexist to promote safe and healthier organizational culture!”

Dr. Saharnaz Dilmaghani Senior Associate, PwC

“Looking forward to sharing insights at Zortify Summer School, where innovative minds gather to explore the potential of AI in enhancing employee well-being and organizational culture.”

Marcos Gomez Research Engineer at the Software Engineering RDI Unit

“Zortify’s summer school is a unique platform for fostering interdisciplinary collaboration between
academia and industry. I am excited to share my expertise through a presentation on Generative AI. Understanding and prioritizing the human (and beyond human) perspective is crucial in shaping a digital future that truly serves society’s needs.”

Thiago Brant Data Scientist Researcher, LISER

“Will lead a discussion on “Innovative Approaches to the Future of Work”.”

Anna Bulakh Head of Ethics and Partnerships, Respeecher

“Chief Data Scientist and best-selling author on Deep Learning. Gain valuable insights into innovative approaches for the future of work.”

Dr. Jon Krohn Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist,
Serge Linckels

Mark your calendars for an unmissable event, the Zortify Summer School! Join me on 28th August 2023 at PwC Luxembourg for keynote speech on AI and ChatGPT. It will cover the captivating history, current applications in text recognition, image processing, robotics, education, and more. Gain insights into machine learning, deep learning, embeddings, and large language models. Don’t miss this opportunity to demystify AI and ChatGPT and get inspired.

Digital Learning Hub
Dr. Serge Linckels Manager DLH