Agenda & Speakers

Monday – 28th of August

The future of work is us — human experience management (HXM) and AI for workplace well-being.

12.00 p.m.: Reception & Registration & Walking Lunch

12.30 p.m.: Welcome Words from the City of Luxembourg
Patrick Goldschmidt

1:00 p.m.: Welcome Words from PwC

1.15 p.m.: Welcome Words from Zortify
Prof. Dr. Florian Feltes

1.30 p.m.: Emboldened People Leaders: Enriching Organizational Culture Through AI Integration
Theresa Fesinstine,

2.30 p.m.: Why is HR Dead and why is Technology the solution: It is all about the X-Factor
Prof. Dr. Florian Feltes, Zortify

3.30 p.m.: Coffee Break

3.45 p.m.: Using AI to measure what matters – The Zortify approach
Sophia Karlsson, Zortify

5.15 p.m.: Poster Presentations 
Dr. Siwen Guo, Zortify

6.00 p.m.: Opening Cocktail at PwC

Tuesday – 29th of August

Block 1: Natural language processing (NLP) — historical perspectives, new advances, and future opportunities.

8.30 a.m.: Welcome coffee – Opening of the day

9.00 a.m.: Data-centric AI for Hundreds of Millions Companies
Dr. Daoyuan Li, Finquest

10.00 a.m.: Coffee Break

10.15 a.m.: Evolution of NLP from n-grams to transformers and large language models; Multilingualism and domain-specificity in NLP
Dr. Shohreh Haddadan, Dr. Siwen Guo, Fred Philippy & Isabella Olariu, Data Science (DS) Team, Zortify

11.15 a.m.: Hands-on session: NLP tasks with HuggingFace (Part 1)
DS Team, Zortify

12.15 p.m.: Lunch

Block 2: Human in the loop — user experience (UX) design for the future of relational workplace technologies

1.00 p.m.: Design for humans, design beyond humans: Why UX is important to shape the future
Dr. Björn Rohles, Digital Learning Hub (DLH)

2.00 p.m.: Coffee Break

2.15 p.m.: The Human @ the center of the AI Revolution
Dr. Christopher Morse, Zortify

2.45 p.m.: Hands-on session: The Product Design Process and the Development of Your User Journey
Elodia Martin Otero, Zortify

4.15 p.m.: Hands-on session: NLP tasks with HuggingFace (Part 2)
DS Team, Zortify

5.15 p.m.: Closing of the sessions of the day 

Wednesday – 30th of August

Block 1: Make it make sense – explainable AI (XAI)

8.30 a.m.: Welcome coffee – Opening of the day

9.00 a.m.: Hybrid and Cognitive AI for Ethical Applications
Dr. Tomer Libal, Enidia AI

10.00 a.m.: Coffee Break

10.15 a.m.: Let’s explain eXplainable Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Alexis Delaforge, Zortify

12.15 p.m.: Lunch

Block 2: Telling your story – interactive narratives and data visualisations

1.15 p.m.: What? Why? How? A Guide to Data Visualization
Dr. Alexis Delaforge & Dr. Christopher Morse, Zortify

3.15 p.m.: Coffee Break

3.30 p.m.: Lightning talks: Pitch your project!
Dr. Siwen Guo, Zortify

5.15 p.m.: Closing of the sessions of the day 

Summer School Summit 2023 – 31st of August

8.25 a.m.: Transfer to DLH (Departure from PwC)


9.00 a.m.: Experience – Guided Tour DLH
Dr. Serge Linckels, DLH


10.00 a.m.: Experience – Guided Tour Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
Sébastien Pineau, LIST


11.00 a.m.: Transfer back to PwC


11.45 a.m.: Lunch


Summer School Summit 2023

Summit Agenda: Here.

Friday – 1st of September

Building ethical tech: data collection, processing, privacy, & ethics

9.00 a.m.: Welcome coffee – Opening of the day

9.30 a.m.: Ethical AI: Charting the Path Forward in a Multiverse of Law, Science, and Technology
Dr. Michel Rayman, PwC

10.30 a.m.: Ethical AI: Responsibly integrating AI in virtual and physical systems and the critical role of humans
Laura Plein, Luxembourg Tech School

11.30 a.m.: Coffee Break

11.45 a.m.: Envisioning the Future: Ethics of AI and Digital Anthropology in a Changing Society
Dr. Maxime Derian

12.45 p.m.: EU AI Act & GDPR (inc. Q&A)
Prof. Dr. Christoph Schommer, University of Luxembourg, Dr. Sallam Abualhaija, SnT, Andrei Zaichikov, Microsoft, and Magdalena Cordero
Moderator: Dr. Christopher Morse

2.00 p.m.: Walking Lunch and Graduation 

2.30 p.m.: Closing


PwC Luxembourg – Crystal Park
2 rue Gerhard Mercator L-2182 Luxembourg

Speakers, Panelists and Experts

Theresa Fesinstine

“I am honored to be featured as a keynote speaker presenting “The Future of Work is Us – Human Experience Management (HXM) for Workplace Well-Being”. In this program, I will share insights about organizational culture and the invaluable role that AI can play in fostering collaboration, innovation, and employee engagement. By embracing AI-driven insights and adopting key cultural markers, organizations can unlock their true potential, fueling innovation, growth, and establishing meaningful connections.

Theresa Fesinstine Founder,
Dr. Daoyuan Li

“I’m excited to share how we adopted a data centric approach to improve our AI services, and to create a database of hundreds of millions of companies to serve our happy clients. Looking forward to discussing state-of-the-art NLP models and best practices with PhD students, researchers, and industry practitioners!”

Finquest logo
Dr. Daoyuan Li Director and Head of Data & AI, Finquest
Bjoern Rohles

“Zortify’s summer school is a unique opportunity for an interdisciplinary exchange of academics and industry.

I am happy to contribute a presentation on user experience (UX). Considering the human (and beyond human) perspective is vital when creating the digital future. Join us and learn how to do this in my talk and Zortify’s UX module.

Dr. Bjoern Rohles Trainer at DLH

“Thanks to generative AI, the future of work is already here. This makes it all the more urgent to deliberate on its various implications – ethical, social, and beyond. Our technological capabilities are expanding rapidly, but they must be matched with equal consideration for the humanity that underpins them.”

Dr. Tomer Libal Research Scientist in AI at the UNI and Founder CEO of Enidia AI.

“Zortify Summer School Week’s special day on Ethical AI module aims to equip participants with the knowledge and critical thinking skillsets needed – from a law, science and technology multi-disciplinary perspective – to navigate the complex ethical challenges posed by AI – whether that AI as a technology is backed by good, bad or no science – fostering responsible, sustainable and trustworthy AI innovation.”

Dr. Michel Rayman Manager data protection and privacy, PwC

“The Zortify Summer School is an excellent opportunity to bring young researchers and professionals together to discuss how ethical AI can be applied to solve real world problems.”

Laura Plein Research Associate, Luxembourg Tech School

“My expertise in digital anthropology and research on the impact of digital technologies on individuals and society with a focus on AI is matching with the “Zortify Summer School: The Future of Work.” I am genuinely excited about the event’s focus on the future of work, integrating digital technologies, and supporting employee well-being, as it aligns perfectly with my interests in understanding how digital advancements shape our lives and professional ecosystems. I look forward to the fruitful exchanges that will take place!”

Dr. Maxime Derian Post-Doc Researcher
Andrei Zaichikov CTO Data & AI Europe, Middle East & Africa at Microsoft

“Let us work on AI that is transparent, meaningful, supportive and complementary, directed to the common good, truthful and produced to the best of our knowledge. AI offers opportunities, but also risks: but we should face them. “

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schommer Professor at University of Luxembourg

“It’s all about speed: never before has the world of work changed so fast, so fast. You have to be prepared.”

Magdalena Cordero Ex-Director of Information and Innovation at the European Court of Auditors

“The integration of AI in our everyday activities in inevitable; in fact, it is already in progress. In tandem with this massive “intelligent” digital transformation, regulations like GDPR are being introduced to address the growing concerns about, among other things, data protection and privacy. Zortify summer school will browse through different topics that are essential to make the integration of AI into our societies smoother. As part of the session on ethical AI, I will discuss how AI technologies can be used as enablers for automating the compliance checking of software applications against applicable laws.”

Dr. Sallam Abualhaija Research Scientist