Life is too short to work with a**holes.

Problem. McKinsey and Kienbaum conclude that 25-35% of all recruitment decisions are wrong. The cost of miscasting is estimated to be 3x the annual salary of the target position.

Personality tests have been used for decades as a source of information in personnel selection decisions. However, two problems have never been solved: The testing looks at the basic characteristics of personality (the so-called “Big 5”), which correlate only slightly with entrepreneurial success. Secondly, the testing relies on self-assessment data only, which are subject to the bias of social desirability and deliberate manipulation.

Z-Solution. Zortify represents a solution for both problems: Zortify measures the bright triad of personality (the so-called “Entrepreneurial capital”), which has proven to be significantly valid for forecasting entrepreneurial success. In addition, Zortify supplements and corrects the self-assessment data through text analysis. Using an algorithm trained with artificial intelligence, findings from the analysis of the target’s spoken or written text flow into the assessment in a way that cannot be manipulated.

Zortify does not replace the recruiters, but we put the decision makers in a position to make a valid selection.

Zortify can easily be implemented in your standard recruitment process for leadership positions and selected key functions. We recommend to run the Zortify Assessment after the first point of contact and before the personal interview.