Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.
– Warren Buffet

Problem. We can prove from our data what everybody feels: There are much more ego-centric, narcissistic, and intrigant people in the executive levels than in the general population. 

The paradox: narcissistic people are more likely to enter top-level positions and to convince the capital markets. However, their leadership effectiveness is negative! Narcissistic CEOs ignorthe long term interests of shareholders and employees and engage in high risk and unethical behaviors which jeopardize organizations.

Z-Solution. Zortify measures narcissism and additional characteristics of the dark triad from a unique combination of self-assessment data and A.I.driven text analysis. We assess the entrepreneurial capital and the corrosive potential of individuals, candidates and whole management teams. Zortify checks for the integrity of the top management of your investment targets. We add value to your risk management and fraud protection.