Self-awareness is the key cornerstone to emotional intelligence.
– Daniel Goleman

Problem. In a recent study amongst executives, run by Cornell University, a high self-awareness score proved to be the strongest predictor of people’s overall success. Due to a lack of mindfulness and a combination of several cognitive distortions like the well-known confirmation bias, talents and executives show strong room for improvement in self-awareness. 

Developing talents and experienced professionals is possible, but it takes the meticulous support of external counsels and trainers. Together with their coaches, today´s leaders and experts need to specify their individual needs for improvement. Personal development will only occur, if the coachee accepts the relevance of a learning field and develops the willingness to grow.

Z-Solution. The Zortify personality assessment is based on a smart integration of two sources of information: traditional self-assessment data and text analysis. Text analytics is based on algorithms trained using artificial intelligence. 

The full-comprehensive Zortify assessment takes 30 to 40 minutes. We adminstrate the testing for you and provide you and your coachee with a 30+-pages personality report. The inclusion of non-manipulable results from A.I.-driven text analytics results in a strong predictive validity of the Zortify assessment.