Automation empowers organizations to optimize internal resource allocation.

Problem. Companies with more than one thousand employees receive an average of 27’000 applications per year. Almost all applications today arrive online. According to a recent study by Hays, 63% of the HR managers admit that they cannot devote enough time to applications.

Despite the already advanced digitalization of the application process in many companies, there is a lack of high-quality automation tools that help to save working time and at the same time improve the predictive power of the recruitment process.

Z-Solution. Zortify is included into your digital recruitment process. You learn about your candidates even before meeting them in person.

It’s your choice: We either work as a semi-automated stand-alone-solution or as an integrated software-as-a-service adding value to your existing talent and recruitment tools. We provide you with most relevant personality insights about your candidates. In sales, for example, Zortify measures exactly those personality characteristics that strongly correlate with sales success.

Zortify ensures that the valuable working time of the recruiter is invested into the most promising candidates.

A dashboard displays all applicants with their Zortify results; sliders can be used to select promising candidates for the further evaluation process and to generate complete personality reports.

Zortify dashboard with fictional participants