Backend Developer

  • Experience working with Java and Spring framework
  • Know-how to build web-applications end-to-end, including authentication, integrating with databases, deployments, etc. Experience with microservices, event driven architectures, containerization, auto-scaling
  • Proven knowledge in writing modern, maintainable and scalable Java applications
    Experience with common database systems like MySQL/MariaDB, Postgres, MongoDB and Redis
  • Deep understanding of the web technology stack (like HTTP(s), REST, SOAP, JSON, XML, etc.)
  • Experience in using version control (Git) and build systems (Maven and Gradle)
  • Ability to Debug and troubleshoot applications
  • Proficient in setting up SCM branching strategies
  • Experience in handling application security risks such as Injection, Broken Authentication, Sensitive Data Exposure, XML External Entities (XXE), Broken Access Control, Security Misconfiguration, Cross-Site Scripting XSS, Insecure Deserialization, using Components with known vulnerabilities and Insufficient Logging & Monitoring
  • Experience in Linux Administration is a plus
  • Knowledge of Nginx is a plus
  • Good English skills